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What is Powdercoating?

Click here to learn more about Powdercoating from our sister company, PowderKeg.

Our Services

Details on the many services we offer at Metalcraft.

Trailer Builders

At Metal Craft, our top priority is building the highest quality boat trailers available. The first trailer we ever built lasted for 26 years before it was brought in for service, and it is still on the road today. We are committed to providing you with a quality product, as well as any other service you might need.

Powder Coating

In addition to building boat trailers, we offer custom powdercoating of any metal parts you can think of. All of our powdercoating takes place in-house via our sister company, PowderKeg. No job is too large or small. Our oven is used for finishing entire boat trailers, so we can powdercoat virtually anything. Small parts like hubcaps are a breeze, and we once powdercoated an entire spiral staircase!